Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Charles Perrault - 'The Little Glass Slipper'

The Little Glass Slipper

In Charles Perrault's tale of 'The Little Glass Slipper' he demonstrates many cultural ideas and values that were upheld in the 1600's. One of the main manners shown throughout the text is kindness. This is especially shown by Cinderella, even when she is cruelly treated by her mean step sisters and disallowed to attend the ball she still displays many honourable acts of kindness which helps her draw the attention from a handsome prince. Perrault used this quotes to help support Cinderella's admirable quality, “unparalleled goodness and sweetness in temper, which she took from her mother who was the best  creature in the world”. Using a positive lexis helps show the importance of kindness. Even though the 1600's was a time where outer beauty outshone the importance of inner beauty, Perrault valued the significance of what was on the inside by